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Chargeurs PCC has always been faithful to its promises of delivering superior quality, outstanding services and the most technical innovations to its customers, anywhere at any time and any places worldwide.

Chargeurs PCC has always been committed to give its customer the most unique experience of fashion, the greatest quality in the product and a complete transparency in the manufacturing process. The commitment of being a reliable and trustful brand has given the group a worldwide recognition as well as an outstanding global coverage. Today Chargeurs PCC is proud to be located in the major hubs worldwide and to share its know-how with the most well known international brands.
Selling over 300 million meters of interlining every year.

Selling over 300 million meters of interlining every year.

The interlining is the layer of fabric which helps garment to retain its shape.
It’s the key component of haute couture, but also of suits and shirts.
The technology demands a high level expertise and unexpected level of requirements.

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We are a truly global company. We have eight factories and over thirty offices and distribution hubs dotted around the world. That allows us to service over ninety countries across every major continent. Our factories also serve as innovation labs, finding solutions for complex problems and ground-breaking designs.


Working with the world’s biggest brands means we can’t stand still. Our clients are ambitious and innovative, and we want to help them achieve even more. We are always pushing our products forward to meet the changing needs of the industry. Our global network of innovation centers allows us to work hand in hand with our clients to test new prototypes and develop the best unique solutions for them.


Having offices in multiple time zones means that we are always available. This is why we are trusted by over 1600 brands and 7000 customers. But that is nothing new. We've been trusted by our clients since 1872. Since then, we've developed a strong reputation for personalized services and top quality products.
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sales and service offices worldwide
millions meters of interlining per year

Professional equality index

- pay gap indicator: 35
- indicator relating to the difference in the rate of individual increases: 35
- indicator return from maternity leave: not calculable
- high remuneration indicator: 5

Overall rating: 88

Indice d'égalité professionnelle

- indicateur relatif à l'écart de rémunération : 35
- indicateur relatif à l'écart de taux d'augmentations individuelles : 35
- indicateur retour de congés maternité : non calculable
- indicateur hautes rémunérations : 5

Note globale : 88