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Innovative solutions
Down proof

Down proof solution.

Chargeurs PCC Down Proof solution is designed to prevent feathers and fibers from migrating outwards through shell fabrics and seams.
This product is soft and flexible enough to allow for natural movement and enhance the life and look of the garment.

See below with our Down Proof solution / without our Down Proof solution.

Solution <br/> for leather <br/>and delicate <br/> fabrics.

for leather
and delicate

Chargeurs PCC developed a dedicated range to provide needed support and stability to garments and accessories, whose delicate nature and appearance may suffer if exposed to the high temperatures and pressures of normal fusing conditions.

With a focus on ease of applications, these products have been designed to be fused with a hand iron at low temperature (100°-110°).

Recommended for use on leather, suede, delicate or embellished fabrics.

Resolving issues with:
• Cracking
• Discoloration
• Distortion
• Loss of reflective appearance

Body <br/>
Temperature <br/>


One of a kind smart technology the engages with activity to keep the body at a constant, comfortable temperature.



This product is ideal for use in high abrasion areas on garments and a perfect match for on-field sports, tactical, or hunting gear.

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