Future Fabrics Expo in London from 29th to 30th January.

Chargeurs*PCC Fashion Technologies was present to the Future Fabrics Expo in London from 29th to 30th January. Future Fabrics Expo have been organized by The Sustainable Angles is a not-for-profit organisation. They initiate and support projects with a focus on sustainability in Fashion and Textiles.

This year Chargeurs*PCC had the opportunity to be the first interlining company to exhibit at the show and to introduce the new sustainable range, Sustainable Fifty.  

As part of the exhibition, the organisation built  a virtual library of all the sustainable materials from the exposition. 

On this virtual library there are 35 products from our sustainable range with  pictures and some basic information underneath about composition and MOQ. 

To have a look, you can connect yourself and sign up with a free basic membership access. All items are in the materials categories "Trims/Linings".

► www.futurefabricsvirtualexpo.com

Enjoy the visit of the website! 

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