3000 trees funded.

As part of the fashion Industry, Chargeurs PCC recognizes the impact of our industry on the planet. Therefore, we have partnered with WeForest, a reforestation initiative promoting healthy forest landscapes and the removal of excess of carbon dioxide. The WeForest initiative allows us to offset our global travel footprint and add the global cooling. Read more

Official Launch of Sustainable Fifty™

On September 24th, Chargeurs*PCC was proud to launch Sustainable Fifty™, the ultimate sustainable inner component solutions.

Sustainability is on the way and you are not done hearing about it: the biggest brands and retailers have declared they will go 100% sustainable by 2025. Have a closer look below. What about you? Are you ready to be sustainable?

We are, so let's exchange and design together your sustainable solutions. 

Read more

Chargeurs Unveils Sustainable 50 Interlinings for Eco-Minded Fashion Brands

When it comes to sustainability in fashion, what’s hidden on the inside counts, too. That’s what Chargeurs wants apparel companies to keep in mind as brands of all stripes attempt to pivot toward responsible sourcing. The 147-year-old French maker of apparel interlinings is launching the Sustainable 50, a collection of interlinings and components made from a range of better-for-the-earth materials including recycled polyester, cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative, hemp, Bemberg and recycled plastics. Read more


Paris, Capital of Fashion Exhibit at the Museum at FIT. Chargeurs PCC provided support for the event which focused on the essential role Paris has always held as in the fashion industry. Read more


The Louboutin luncheon was organized by the Couture Council in NYC and benefited the Museum at FIT. Chargeurs had a table to the charitable event honoring Christian Louboutin. Read more


The Parson runway and exhibit showcased the work of their students right before they graduated from the program. Read more


The Parson runway and exhibit showcased the work of their students right before they graduated from the program. Read more

Chargeurs Partners With Parsons, Sponsors Museum at FIT Exhibition

Through alliances with Parsons School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology, the European company is trying to raise its profile and support young talent. Chargeurs is tightening its ties to the New York fashion scene through new alliances. For the kickoff of its partnership with The New School’s Parsons School of Design during New York Fashion Week, Chargeurs will showcase the school’s 2019 MFA Fashion and Design Society’s work in its new Future of Fashion gallery in the Chelsea Arts Tower. Their final collections will be exhibited in the downtown space from Thursday through Sept. 11. Read more

Chargeurs hosts exhibition for Parsons School of Design throughout NYFW

Chargeurs is putting talented fashion graduates into the radar of the American fashion industry. Last night, the fashion tech company celebrated the opening of a new exhibition it is hosting throughout the Spring/Summer 2020 New York Fashion Week in partnership with The New School's Parsons School of Design. The work of the university's 2019 MFA Fashion and Design Society designers is on display at Chargeurs' new space in Manhattan's Chelsea Arts Tower. The company, which is committed to supporting U.S. fashion, education and culture, will continue to host the graduates' final collections through September 11. Read more

Chargeurs teams up with Parsons School of Design for NYFW

Chargeurs is teaming up with The New School’s Parsons School of Design during New York Fashion Week, by playing host to the 2019 MFA Fashion and Design Society designers’ work. Read more

Chargeurs Creative Collection to Offer Museum Heritage and Visitor Experience Solutions

They have created a new global team specializing in design, installation and management solutions for museums, exhibitions and brand environments. Read more

Brooklyn Museum and Chargeurs Philanthropie join forces

Chargeurs Philanthropie has leadership support in the exhibition dedicated to Pierre Cardin, organized by the Brooklyn Museum Read more
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